MEF Walk-A-Thon 2018
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  • Yan (about a day ago)

    Go Ms Morando's class

  • Peggy (about a day ago)

    Go Mrs. Pieraldi’s Class! Go MEF

  • Jennifer (about a day ago)

    Sorry we couldn't make the event! Go Millbrae!

  • Annabella (about a day ago)


  • Nyla (about a day ago)

    It’s all for the kids! You’re doing amazing work Vahn!

  • Michelle (about a day ago)

    Go MEF!

  • Grace (about 2 days ago)

    Go MEF!

  • Adriana (about 2 days ago)

    Go taylor

  • Shelton (about 4 days ago)

    Go MEF!!

  • Ying Bing (about 6 days ago)

    Go MEF

  • Elaine (about 6 days ago)

    Go Mrs Charles' Grade 5 class!

  • Tamiko (about a week ago)

    Go MEF!

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Number of pledges received: 20
Goal achievement: 16%
Number of page visits: 387
Days since event: 2

Event Information
What: MEF Walk-A-Thon 2018
When: Sunday May 20, 2018 at 11:00 AM

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